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Will the filming be unobtrusive.

Absolutely. Our camera operators will never move around the church during the service but will instead film from a prearranged position that is chosen not only to give a great view for the video, but also so as to as unobtrusive as possible to both the couple and the congregation.

Filming is done as it happens. rather than through set pieces. Apart from maybe asking the couple to slowly walk a short distance hand in hand, we will never be seen trying to organise the guests into faked positions and actions


Will the sound be clear

We will use external microphones appropriate for the area to ensure that key dialogue is picked up clearly. We can if needed provide a radio microphone for the groom to wear in the church, but prefer not to as this is just one more thing for him to have to worry about on an already busy day.


Will you use any lighting.

We never use any lighting in the church, and with modern professional cameras having much improved low light performance, we have found that we rarely if ever need to use any additional lighting during the filming of the speeches.

We will, however, use a small camera mounted light at times during the reception to give candid shots filmed in darker areas more sparkle


How long will the finished production be

Depends greatly on the length of the service and sermon, and of course the speeches. On average the overall length will be  between 1 hour and 90 minutes. While some videographers might offer to produce far longer programmes, our aim is to provide something tight  and pacey enough that you will want to watch it over and over again without getting bored.


Can I have my favourite music dubbed over the start or ending of the programme?

Yes- our Basic gold package includes for the purchase of a copyright license to cover this. All you need top do is get us a copy of the music on CD or as an MP3 file


What about special effects. I have seen wedding videos where it seems that the aim is to use as many “special effects” like black and white, vignettes, and fancy fades and transitions  as possible throughout the programme. Is this really necessary

No. High quality drama on TV does not use these effects and neither should a good wedding video. The editing should be able to make the story flow along interestingly, continuously and seamlessly, without having to resort to effects. In general, the editor resorts to fades when the camera operator did not get sufficient cut aways and general shots to keep the narrative flowing cleanly


Some companies offer two camera people as standard. Wouldn’t this be better than one?

Several companies who use different hired in camera operators for each wedding have actually admitted to us that they always use two operators because they cannot guarantee that a single one would get all the shots that are needed. Obvious really as they might only be covering the 3rd wedding of their career! Since we use our own people who know exactly what shots are needed and how they will be edited, we find that one camera operator is more than enough for most eventualities. Of course, that is not to say that we cannot offer a second operator if the situation calls for it.


What format will the final programme and disc be in

The DVD will be presented in 16-9 wide screen, with a professional looking personalised motion menu added so that the viewer can easily get to a particular sections of the programme. The disc will be a DVD -R disc with a full colour image printed on the face.


Can we book you for events other than weddings?

Yes - we film all kinds of celebrations, not only weddings, including Christenings, Bahmitzvas, Birthday and Anniversary parties to name just a few. We have also filmed a number of Hindu weddings


How do I make a booking

We require a deposit of 25% of the full fee to reserve the date. You can download a copy of our booking form with terms and conditions from the contact page. Then print this out and send it with the deposit cheque to the address on the booking form - or phone us to is you want to discuss anything further

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