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Having worked in the professional video field for many years we have had experience of a wide range of equipment,


Although we currently own and work with a range of professional 3 chip video cameras for different jobs,  for weddings we will always from choice use shoulder mounted professional style cameras rather than the smaller handheld styles that are popular with many people. 

There are several reasons for this - firstly these cameras are designed for professionals who know how to set them up and operate them in manual mode - which always gives more reliable results than trusting to a cameras automatic functions. Secondly, the cameras are designed to be held steadily and comfortably on the shoulder for extended lengths of time, which means more control over the framing of shots, and finally  the cameras just look professional.!

Filming in the church and during speeches at the reception is always done on a carefully positioned tripod, to ensure the steady shots from the most appropriate viewpoint. We also always use an external microphone, which is placed in an unobtrusive position on the top table or in the church.

We might on occasion use a radio microphone in the church, but prefer not to as the process of “miking up” the groom is one more job for him to have to do on what is already a very busy day!


At the reception we will use a small camera mounted light to add a bit of sparkle to indoor and night shots. However. since modern cameras have become far more sensitive in low light conditions, we have found that it is no longer necessary to use any floodlighting during the speeches - which makes the filming far less obtrusive


If required we can also  provide an additional camera operator with a steadycam style rig, designed to get those special smooth  moving floating and flying sequences that will really add to your wedding production. Note that this would always be an extra camera designed to supplement the basic coverage

All our cameras  can record in native 16-9 (wide screen) HD ,  which means that even though the final programme may be edited and presented in standard definition,  the picture quality will nevertheless be noticeably better than that from SD cameras of a few years ago.  At present very few people have the facility to play back an HD DVD, so unless specifically asked, the programme will be presented in wide screen standard definition.

You may have noticed that many wedding companies claim to use HD Broadcast quality cameras.  However, If they actually produced work for broadcast they would know that ‘HDV’  format footage (the HD format used on most of their cameras), is not accepted for broadcast  on HD channels by the likes of  the BBC and Discovery, So if they don’t know that, how many more of their claims might be false!

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