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Although we have tailored  our standard gold package to be such that it will provide for most eventualities, we recognise that every wedding is different and might have different requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you require something a little different, whether it be simpler of more complex

Some examples of variations that we can incorporate:

Preparations at the brides home before the service

Depending on the location, it may be possible for the cameraman to visit the brides home earlier in the day to film some of the preparations. This would included the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, having makeup applied, etc.

If you wish to include footage of the bridal partly leaving the house in the wedding car then we would arrange for a second camera operator to do the filming at the house (as the main operator obviously needs to be at the church in good time”)


Second camera operator for all or part of the day

We always film with a view to obtaining as wide and varied a range of shots as is possible, so that the edited production inherently has the feel of a multi camera shoot..  However, there are some instances where as second operator might be required for part or all of the day. For example, as noted above, to film the bridal preparations at home/hotel before the service and including footage of the bride setting off for the church. A second operator can also obtain additional cutaway views during the service itself and at the reception.. The second operator can be available for as much or as little of the day as is required.

If required we can also  provide an additional camera operator with a steadycam style rig, designed to get those special smooth moving floating and flying sequences that will really add to your wedding production. Note that this would always be an extra camera designed to supplement the basic coverage


Coverage later into the night at the evening reception.

Our standard coverage ends with the first dance. Depending on the actual timings of the day, and the evening schedule, there may be items later into the evening that you would like filming.


Features (documentary style) on the couple and their preparations in the days before the wedding

This can be as simple or as comprehensive as you wish - maybe just one quick visit to your home or may be taking place over several weeks or months before the big day

The full dvd programme hosted on our private website for your friends and family to see


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